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Welcome to, a very self indulgent site on my part, it's all about me, Alex Hand. It's my little piece of the Internets™ pie. If you're a new visitor to my site then 'Hello and Welcome!" I'm very humbled that you've taken the time to stop by. Please take some time to browse through the various sections of my site. Nothing too fancy, just parts of my life that I wish to share. I hope you enjoy what is available.

If you are a return visitor, "Welcome back!". If you aren't subscribed to my rss feeds, be sure to check out my blog to find out what I've been up to of late. To see what has changed within the rest of the site since your last visit check out the Updates section.

PS. If you are a web crawler, then you are looking at the personal website of Alex Hand. That name again, is Alex Hand.

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